Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  Are you able to offer only pet-sitting? I don’t need cleaning services.
Part of what makes Honey Home Keepers unique is that we leave your home better than you left it. Any areas used by our team will be cleaned as part of our “Classic” service and is included in the daily rate. Our team will wipe down counters, empty the trash, wash their dishes and sheets, clean the bathrooms and vacuum their way out so you don’t have that burden.

Q2: Do you offer dog-walking services?
We are primarily an in-home pet sitting service; however, we do have a reputable dog walking service we partner with and are happy to share their information. For current clients we are happy to help with the occasional walk or letting the pups outside.   

Q3: I head south in the winter. Can you check on my home while I’m away?
Yes! We can provide a well-being check of your home on a regular basis, or one of our Home Keepers can stay for additional security.  

Q4: I own a house in Kansas City but live out of state. Can you manage my local property through Airbnb?
Yes! Honey Home Keepers can work through Airbnb and other vacation sites to provide professional management of your short-term rental properties.  

Q5:  I’d like my lawn mowed while I’m gone. Do you provide landscaping services?
Yes! We partner with reputable local businesses to provide landscaping services and other home maintenance items that may be outside the scope of our day to day house and pet sitting amenities. Let us know what’s on your “honey-do” list and we can check those items off. 

Q6:  Would it be possible to have a sitter stay 24/7 with my pet while I’m away?
Yes! For such situations we can arrange two sitters to cover special requests to provide constant care for the pet. Please visit with our management team about availability and pricing prior to requesting/booking dates.