About Us

JB - 08-19

The Founders

Bethany (pictured on left) and Janessa (pictured on right) have been best friends for over 10 years. They have traveled the world together, been roommates, workout buddies, and even call each other “sister”.  Their diverse backgrounds and deep-rooted friendship made Honey Home Keepers an exciting business to launch together.


Janessa Dolphin is a paralegal with a love for animals and beautifying the home. Her high attention to detail pushes her to do all things in excellence. With over 10 years’ experience in house cleaning and pet sitting, it seemed only fitting to bring that love to the rest of the community. In her free time, Janessa loves to hike, travel and tend to her honeybee hives. 


Bethany Spilde is an entrepreneur and a professor with a heart for seeing individuals, families, and businesses thrive. As a strategic visionary, she has taken her knack for turning ‘good’ into ‘superb’ into each house/pet sitting request for over a decade. In her free time you can find her reading or writing at a local coffee shop, traveling, or working out.

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Greater Vision

Beyond the opportunity we have to personally make each of our client’s “return home even sweeter,” we have a bigger vision. We desire to hire and train up the next generation to operate with integrity and excellence, while giving them an opportunity to fund their education and personal dreams. A portion of profits is sown to help others rise above their circumstance.

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