Meet Ava, our pet-sitting superstar with a heart of gold! When she’s not busy nannying for twins or being an absolute champ for her church, Ava unleashes her passion for serving others by caring for adorable furry friends. With her love for animals and children, every pet-sitting adventure is like a joyful reunion, filled with laughter and wagging tails! Oh, and did you know that Ava has a globetrotting background? As a former missionary kid who spent years in Turkey, she’s got stories that will both warm your heart and make your jaw drop!


Meet Abbie, the whirlwind of joy and positivity who’s been spreading happiness since she could barely reach the broom! Her journey from childhood cleaning escapades to managing a Protein House location and even caring for pets and homes has been fueled by her unwavering dedication to making the world a brighter place. With a heart that radiates warmth and a love for both people and animals, Abbie’s mission is crystal clear: to help others lead their healthiest, happiest lives. So, get ready to smile your way to a brighter day with Abbie as your sitter – she’s on a mission to make your world a little sunnier!


Meet Susan, our retired teacher with a heart full of love for pets and people alike! Hailing from a small town in Iowa, she brings a delightful blend of integrity, work ethic, and a passion to do her best in everything she tackles. As an ideal choice for pet owners seeking a dedicated caregiver, Susan’s commitment to serving others is evident in her trustworthy nature. When she’s not caring for pets, you’ll find Susan embarking on exciting road trips and uncovering hidden treasures in the world of antiques. (Fun fact: Susan is the proud mom of Bethany, the visionary and owner of HHK!) With Susan by your side, you’re in for a wag-tastic experience!


Meet Lyndsey, the pet-sitting powerhouse who brings a calming and peaceful presence wherever she goes, making pets feel right at home. With a background in pet laboratories and a heart full of compassion, Lyndsey’s gentle nature and love for animals shine through as she goes above and beyond to ensure every pet’s needs are met. And when she’s not busy caring for furry friends or serving clients, you’ll find her unleashing her competitive spirit in the gaming world!


Meet Alice, a pet-sitting guru with a lifetime of furry companionship under her belt! With her dependable and patient nature, Alice delights in every moment in every wag of a tail and purr of contentment. As a semi-retired individual with a flexible schedule, she looks forward to bringing joy and companionship to every furry friend she meets. Get ready for tails wagging and purrs aplenty with Alice by your side – your pets will be in the best of hands!


Meet Kellie, the passionate pet-sitting expert and health & wellness guru with over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry! Known as “The Dog Whisperer,” Kellie’s boundless enthusiasm and love for animals shine through as she connects with pets and people alike, leaving a trail of wagging tails and happy hearts wherever she goes. Get ready for an adventure filled with joy and vitality with Kellie by your side!


Meet Rose, our pet-loving dynamo who knows how to have a tail-wagging good time! With a lifetime of furry companions and a summer spent at Brookside Barkery and Bath, Rose’s passion for pets knows no bounds. Rose’s fun-loving, friendly nature doesn’t stop at caring for animals —she’s also studying Public Health and Business Administration at the University of Arizona, with big dreams of conquering the world of Medical Sales. Watch out, world, because Rose is ready to make every day a pet-tastic adventure!


Meet Alan, our pet-sitting maestro who’s equally adept at managing projects and pampering pets with love and care! By day, he’s a skilled project manager for a global health tech company – and in his free time, he conquers mountains and explores the globe. With his caring nature, extroverted personality, and dedication to enriching any community he is part of, Alan ensures every furry friend he meets is cherished and adored under his watch. With Alan’s boundless energy and compassion, your pets will have a new best friend to add to their list in no time! (Fun fact: Alan is Bethany’s favorite brother.)