Meet Ava, our pet-sitting superstar with a heart of gold! When she’s not busy nannying for twins or being an absolute champ for her church, Ava unleashes her passion for serving others by caring for adorable furry friends. With her love for animals and children, every pet-sitting adventure is like a joyful reunion, filled with laughter and wagging tails! Oh, and did you know that Ava has a globetrotting background? As a former missionary kid who spent years in Turkey, she’s got stories that will both warm your heart and make your jaw drop!


Meet Bailey, our pet-sitting maestro who knows how to turn every furry encounter into a fun-filled adventure! With her personable and reliable nature, Bailey takes pride in being responsible and dependable, ensuring that pets receive top-notch care. Her love for animals and passion for helping people shines through in every pet sitting assignment. Bailey is not only a pet lover but also a photography enthusiast. When she’s not capturing picture-perfect moments, she’s snuggled up enjoying her favorite show with a furry pal. Get ready to embark on a wag-tastic journey with Bailey!


Meet Cathy, our compassionate pet caregiver with a heart full of love for furry friends! With a lifelong experience of being a pet owner and being the go-to caretaker for furry pals of family, friends, and neighbors, Cathy’s heart beats to the rhythm of cuddles and purrs. As a speech pathologist by profession, her strengths in compassion, responsibility, thoroughness, and reliability shine through making her a reliable and trustworthy caretaker for your beloved pets. With her by their side, your beloved pets are in paws-itively fantastic hands!


Meet Karina, our pet-sitting superhero who turns every animal encounter into a magical adventure! With her calm and peaceful nature, Karina effortlessly handles pets of all kinds, bringing joy to both furry friends and their humans. Her dependability and integrity ensure a worry-free experience, whether it’s caring for the home, teaching children (part-time), or communicating with parents. And guess what? Karina’s adventurous, caring spirit led her to spend three incredible months in a Hawaiian animal sanctuary, caring for a diverse menagerie. Get ready to follow your fur kids’ paws-itive time with Karina, where every journal is sure to make you smile!


Meet Lily, our pet-sitting rockstar who knows how to turn every day into a paw-some party! With her vast experience and boundless love for animals, Lily is a go-to for your pet care needs. From her attention to detail and reliability to her ability to follow instructions, she ensures that your furry friends receive top-notch care and endless fun. But hold on, the fun doesn’t stop there—Lily also has a secret superpower! When she’s not showering pets with love, she’s busy leaving homes tidy and sparkling, making sure the owners return to a pristine paradise. And guess what? Lily is currently studying Business at The University of Hawaii at Mānoa. Stay tuned, because Lily is on a mission to make every pet adventure un-furrgettable!


Meet Rose, our pet-loving dynamo who knows how to have a tail-wagging good time! With a lifetime of furry companions and a summer spent at Brookside Barkery and Bath, Rose’s passion for pets knows no bounds. Not only does she find immense joy in caring for all animals, but her commitment to being thorough ensures that no wagging tail is left unattended. With her friendly and outgoing personality, she builds bonds with pets and their owners that are as strong as a game of fetch. But Rose’s fun-loving nature doesn’t stop there—she’s also studying Public Health and Business Administration at the University of Arizona, with big dreams of conquering the world of Medical Sales. Watch out, world, because Rose is ready to make every day a pet-tastic adventure!


Meet Susan, our retired teacher with a heart full of love for pets and people alike! Hailing from a small town in Iowa, she brings a delightful blend of integrity, work ethic, and a passion to do her best in everything she tackles. As an ideal choice for pet owners seeking a dedicated caregiver, Susan’s commitment to serving others is evident in her trustworthy nature. When she’s not caring for pets, you’ll find Susan embarking on exciting road trips and uncovering hidden treasures in the world of antiques. (Fun fact: Susan is the proud mom of Bethany, the visionary and owner of HHK!) With Susan by your side, you’re in for a wag-tastic experience!


Meet Haylee, our enthusiastic pet lover and substitute teacher extraordinaire, who knows how to turn pet sitting into a grand adventure! With her own special needs dog and a track record of being the go-to pet sitter for friends and family, Haylee’s expertise in caring for furry friends is limitless. Not only does she sprinkle endless love on her animal pals, but she also adds a touch of tidying magic, ensuring that their surroundings are as clean and cozy as can be. Get ready for a pawsome time with Haylee, where fun and care go paw-in-paw!


Meet Rachael, our freelance artist with a heart as colorful as her canvas! Raised in a household filled with dogs and fostering, she uncovered her passion for house and pet sitting, where her boundless enthusiasm and caring spirit truly shine. Rachael’s dream of owning a brick-and-mortar store, featuring her artwork and that of other talented artists, is a testament to her desire to spread and share beauty and joy. Whether creating masterpieces or taking care of homes and pets, her integrity, caring, and creative nature make her the ultimate companion for furry pals. Get ready for a canvas of fun with Rachael!